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The SIE file format

The SIE format is an open standard for transferring accounting data between different softwares by different software vendors. SIE could be used to transfer data between on-premises softwares as well as Apis. Due to the fact that the SIE standard is so widely adopted in the software business in Sweden it has become a de facto standard for transferring accounting data. The format is open to everyone, but only SIE members can get their software approved.

Different SIE-format types

  • Type 1, Year end balance. Contains opening and closing balance for all accounts in the chart of account
  • Type 2, Period balance. The same content as in type 1 and in addition balance change per month for each account.
  • Type 3, Profit centre. The same content as in type 2 in addition balance for different profit centers.
  • Type 4, Transactions. The same content as in type 3 in addition all vouchers in the accounting year.
  • Type 4i, Transactions. Only vouchers. The purpose of this format is to make it possible to produce vouchers for different support systems and then import them in the accounting system, e g wage software or invoicing software.

The SIE-Group

The SIE-Group is an organization for developing and maintaining the SIE format. The members of the organization are mostly Swedish software vendors and accounting associations. The SIE-Group has no purpose of profit and the current business is run by the board.

The SIE-Group is one of the bookkeeping system standard organizations in Sweden beside BAS (www.bas.se) for the Swedish standard chart of account and XBRL Sweden for financial reporting (www.xbrl.se.) These three organizations cover the basic standards for bookkeeping, financial reports and authority reporting routines. SIE and BAS have almost 100% implementation coverage in the Swedish bookkeeping, financial reporting and tax administration software market.

File format documentation

The English version of the SIE file format specification can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

English version of the SIE file format specification.

The Swedish versions of the SIE file format specifications can be downloaded from the page SIE Filformat

If you have any questions about the file formats please direct them to: support@sie.se